The purpose of our School is to promote, together with the family, an integral and creative person, the architect of their own future. Our effort is put into creating a favorable climate for learning. This includes, together with good teachers and content, students with an attitude of learning with discipline in the classroom and with the responsibility of doing everything that corresponds to them well.

Day by day, with patience and perseverance and delivering a deep formation in human virtues, a good class, a good example, a timely correction, a show of affection and the corresponding demand, we train each student that we have in our classrooms. Their academic training and intellectual growth is closely linked to their personal growth.

Our educational project seeks precisely to train academically demanding students because this means that they are aware of their own learning process and what they can expect from it. This means, for the various departments that make up the academic area of our College, the permanent review of study programs, the introduction of new content and methodologies, incorporating our bilingual project aimed at preparing our students to successfully face the demands that demands a modern and technical society.

We thank all the parents who have chosen our School for the training of their children, our students. Thank you to the Parent Center for your important contribution. Thanks to all our assistants and administrators who silently make it possible for the College to function in so many fundamental aspects. Thanks to our excellent teachers who make it possible with their dedicated and professional dedication to materialize the educational project of Le Monde School in the classroom. Thanks to you dear students for your enthusiasm and for giving meaning to our work.

Miss Ana María Leal
School Head