What is the Preferential School Subsidy?

The Preferential School Subsidy Law seeks to promote equal opportunities for the most vulnerable students in our country, providing additional resources for the preparation and implementation of an Educational Improvement Plan to the establishments that serve them .

Who are the priority students?

A priority student will be understood as students for whom the socioeconomic situation of their homes, mainly, hinders their chances of successfully facing the educational process.

The quality of priority student and/or student is determined annually by the Ministry of Education, through the National Board of School Aid and Scholarships (JUNAEB for its acronym in spanish).

How is a student's priority status determined?

a) The family must belong to the Chile Solidario System.
b) Be within the most vulnerable third according to the Social Protection Sheet.
c) The parents or guardians are in section A of FONASA.
d) Family income, schooling of the mother, father or guardian, rurality and poverty of the commune.

Our school has developed an improvement plan with economic resources assigned strategically, to achieve the goals set.

These were designed to be fulfilled gradually, which forces us to constantly review, consolidate teams and seek creative solutions to problems that could not be solved before.

The improvement plan is comprehensive, because it must cover all aspects and all students of our school. In addition, it has been prepared in a participatory manner, proposing technically valid solutions, feasible to carry out and possible to finance with the funds of this law, and that will lead us to achieve the long-awaited quality education.

We have prepared our educational improvement plan in which changes are made at the level of curricular management, optimizing planning, accompaniment in teaching management in the classroom and providing comprehensive support to our students with a psychologist, educational psychologist and counselor, reinforcement in language and mathematics and incorporating actions related to institutional management in all its aspects.

Our challenge is that our improvement plan be the opportunity to install new and best institutionalized practices so that the boys and girls of our school achieve quality learning.

Our entire community is committed to this task.