Academic Department
Miss Ana María Leal Academic Director
Míss Denisse Illanea Technical Chief
Míster Yazim Meza Pedagogical Technical Coordinator
Miss Carolina Gallinato Multicopy Center
Miss Margorie Guzmán Multicopy Center

Supervisor Department
Miss Lila Aguilar Aspee General Inspector of Secondary Education
Miss Paola Tobar Zúñiga General Inspector of Elementary Education
Miss María Pávez School Playground Inspector
Miss Jennifer Rocha School Playground Inspector
Miss Sandra Castro School Playground Inspector
Miss Katherine De La Puente School Playground Inspector

School Coexistence Department
Míster Alan González Carrión In charge of School Coexistence Secondary Education
Míster Juan Abarza González In charge of School Coexistence Elementary Education
Míster Rodrigo Díaz Luz Psychologist

Psychopedagogy Department
Miss Denisse Illanes Coordinator
Miss Lissette Henríquez Educational Psychologist
Miss Javiera Pereira Martínez Educational Psychologist
Miss Paulina Salamanca Educational Psychologist

Administration Department
Miss Karla Mella Aguilar Secretary / Reception
Miss Violeta Azañero Secretary / Reception
Miss Nataly Martinez Secretary / Reception
Miss Jimena Molina Silva Accounting and Human Resources
Miss Karina Tapia Córdova Finance Manager
Miss Laura Marín Vergara Finance Manager
Mister Alfonso Diaz Accounting and Human Resources

Computer Department
Mister Andrés Vinet Computer Manager / Digital Platforms
Mister Diego Ortiz Computer Manager / Technical Support

Cleaning and Ornament Department
Mister Jaime Castro Cuevas Service Assistant
Mister Mario Arce Tello Service Assistant
Mister Juan Carlos Rivas Service Assistant
Miss María Elena Sanhueza Service Assistant
Miss Lucia Contreras Service Assistant
Mister Gerardo Muñoz Night Service Assistant