The Parents Management Team (EGA for its acronym in spanish) is the organization that represents families in the school, its mission is to open ways for them to participate more directly in the education of their sons and daughters.

Parents and guardians who wish to participate in the EGA may do so according to their possibilities, through the following bodies: The General Assembly, the Directory, the Sub-Centers and the Council of Course Delegates.

The creation of School Councils, in which parents and guardians are represented, is an opportunity for them to find out, propose and give their opinion on matters relevant to the education of their children.

Being part of a parent organization is a voluntary choice.

The Board of Directors must be elected annually by the General Assembly by universal, secret and informed vote, within 90 days of the beginning of the school year.

The amount of the EGA Fees must be approved by the Council of Course Delegates. In subsidized establishments (municipal and private) your payment is voluntary and its value cannot exceed 0.5 UTM per year ($31,225 as of March 2023).

The Board of Directors must annually deliver a Public Account, that is, a report where it renders accounts of its work in that period.

Legal Status is the legal recognition of the existence of the EGA. Obtaining it allows you to buy, sell and manage economic resources, being able to access financing funds through projects. It also makes the operation of the EGA more transparent and democratic.

The EGA can be associated at different levels: by communes, provinces, regions and at the national level (Associations of EGA).