At Le Monde School, we strongly believe in providing a holistic and balanced education that fosters both academic development and creativity in our students. To achieve this goal, we offer a wide variety of workshops that span both academic disciplines and creative pursuits, giving our students the opportunity to explore and develop their unique talents.

Le Monde School, through its Institutional Educational Project (PEI for its acronym in spanish), pursues the formation of a "human being - men and women - in an integral way", which allows them to develop in all areas of human growth, with the purpose of being able to face the future with the necessary skills and competencies required by a changing, dynamic and constantly evolving society. So much so, that Extracurricular Education through Free Choice Curricular Activities (ACLE for its acronym in spanish), offers a wide range of workshops, activities and academies aimed at all students, from the first basic level to the fourth year of secondary education respectively. Each one of the experiences is installed as a space for the students to develop and cultivate the set of talents, skills and potentialities that they have in different areas, as well as to seek to establish itself as an instance that promotes and integrates the Educational Community with the Family, insofar as the latter has an irreplaceable role in the necessary accompaniment of each of the expressions that students manifest and promote from this space that their school offers them.

In this sense, our school understands that the ACLE are a true and efficient complement in the training of our students, in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Mission of our PEI. Consequently, what we do as an institution can be considered a great commitment full of high expectations and confidence in our children and young people, in which many efforts are made to commit each activity to the development of the students who elect them. This implies the fields of the discipline or specialty, as well as the formative aspect that is a transversal component and hallmark of all the expressions of the Le Monde School.


Literacy Workshop
Literacy is a fundamental skill for the academic, professional and personal development of any individual. However, there are students who, for various reasons, have presented difficulties and it is important to provide them with support and opportunities to improve their reading and writing skills, as this can be a determining factor for their successful school integration and future success.

This project aims to provide literacy workshops designed in a personalized way and focused on the specific needs of each descended student. Through practical, dynamic and playful activities, the aim is to stimulate their interest in reading and writing, strengthening their communication skills and their self-esteem.

Mathematics Workshop
Mathematics is an essential discipline in the academic training of any student, since they develop logical reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking skills. However, some students may have experienced difficulties in this area and have been demoted at different grade levels. It is essential to provide them with support and opportunities to improve their math skills and overcome the barriers they have faced, allowing them to reach their full academic potential.

This project aims to provide mathematics workshops designed for students at different school levels (fourth, sixth, eighth, second and fourth half). Through pedagogical approaches adapted to each group, the aim is to strengthen their mathematical knowledge, increase their confidence in the subject and encourage interest in learning.