Our educational institution Le Monde was founded in August 1980 as a materialized expression and the inspiring work of our founder Mrs. María Mercedes Ramírez Arévalo.

This educational project was motivated by the need of the families of our community and initially gave rise to combined courses, and later our private basic school No. 854 Le Monde was born.

Inspired by traditional values, Strength, Respect, Truth and Justice, the school incorporates through its entire teaching process, contents, strategies and procedures whose achievement will be the social insertion of young people with a constructive participation.

Due to the death of Mrs. Maria Mercedes Ramírez in June 2000, the new administration of the school is assumed by the Sociedad Inmobiliaria Educacional Le Monde Limitada; With it, new desires and projects are born, also inheriting dreams of a goal set by the founder.

They adapted the school community to the new changes, and fostered one of its main objectives, to establish an institutional order in all its areas to obtain such a long-awaited educational project.

Today the institutional educational project is a goal that concerns us and occupies us, to the point of considering it one of the priority objectives, knowing that it commits and links all members of the educational community in a common purpose, to provide our students with quality of education.

It should be noted that in recent years, work has been done to create the conditions for this, definitively laying our foundations.

We have built new physical spaces.

We have formed a solid and trained teaching and administrative body, committed to the lemondista profile that we long for.