Advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have proven to be crucial in the educational field, and as a school, we have remained at the forefront in their integration to enhance the teaching-learning process.

Within our facilities, we have two laboratories specially designed to offer enriching learning experiences: the Science Laboratory and the Computer Laboratory.

The Science Laboratory has become a key space for our students, allowing them to explore and experiment with various scientific concepts. Equipped with modern instruments and materials, this laboratory offers students the opportunity to carry out practices, observations and analysis that complement their theoretical studies. Our goal is to stimulate critical thinking and scientific curiosity, preparing our students to face the challenges of today's world.

On the other hand, the Computer Lab deploys a wide range of technological resources to support our students, teachers, administrative staff and the community in general. With state-of-the-art equipment and high-speed internet access, this lab becomes an environment conducive to developing digital skills and technology-based learning. Our commitment is to train students in the responsible and creative use of computing, providing them with tools that will be valuable in their academic and professional future.

At our institution, we believe that both the Science Laboratory and the Computer Laboratory are fundamental pillars in 21st century education. We are dedicated to keeping ourselves updated on technological and educational trends, thus guaranteeing comprehensive training.

Science Lab

Computer Lab