Education currently demands a wide variety of spaces, equipment and opportunities that promote learning of the highest quality. In this sense, we are pleased to inform that our establishment has:











We are pleased to announce that we have made a number of significant improvements to our facilities, all for the benefit of our beloved students. Notable achievements include:

1. Expansion and Remodeling: We have carried out an extensive expansion and remodeling of our existing facilities, going from 800 to a spacious 2,300 m2. This will allow us to offer a more comfortable and conducive environment for the learning of our students.

2. Adjacent Land Acquisition: In order to continue to grow and provide a more comprehensive educational environment, we have acquired additional land that was previously used as a parking lot. Thanks to this acquisition, our physical plant has grown from 2,300 m2 to an impressive 3,500 m2 of space.

3. State-of-the-Art Solar Power: We are proud to be pioneers in having installed state-of-the-art solar equipment at our facilities. This is not only a big step towards a more sustainable future, but also translates into significant savings and better use of natural light for the benefit of our students.

4. Comfort and attention span: We have paid special attention to improving the comforts for our students. Renovations have been carried out in the existing restrooms and new facilities have been created to ensure that our students have a welcoming environment that is conducive to their development. Our capacity to serve 1,200 students will allow us to continue growing and providing quality education.

5. Safety at our facilities: The safety of our students is a top priority. To ensure a safe environment, we have implemented adequate signage, containment barriers, beacons and pavement markings at the main accesses.

6. Libraries and educational support: We have made adjustments and acquired furniture for our libraries, which now have a collection that has come from the Ministry of Education. This tool to support the teaching-learning process will enrich our students' knowledge and provide them with a valuable resource for their academic development.

In short, all these improvements have been made with the welfare and academic progress of our students in mind. We pride ourselves on providing them with an exceptional educational environment and hope that these transformations contribute to a bright future for each of them.